Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shrimp Adobo in Coconut Milk

Here's a Filipino recipe I've tried yesterday.  I learned this through searching recipes with coconut milk online.  I so love this recipe and I'm sure you'll love it too!

1/2 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup water
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
1 tablespoon finely minced garlic
20 pieces sitaw (string beans) cut into 3-inch length
patis (fish sauce) or salt to taste
1 pound large fresh shrimps, unshelled
2 twelve-ounce cans coconut milk

In a medium-sized pot, mix the following : vinegar, water, pepper, garlic and patis or salt. Add shrimps and marinade for an hour. Cook in the same pot with the lid off, turning the shrimps often until the almost dry. Add the string beans and coconut milk. Allow the sauce to thicken.

Good for two servings.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pangasius in Fish Masala

I’ve tried this Indian recipe last night, Pangasius in Fish Masala.  It is very easy to prepare, even a novice like me was able to do it, and great for those on a diet too.  Here’s how I did it :

Ingredients :
1 kilo Pangasius white fillet
2 tablespoon red chili sauce
2 tablespoon Fish Masala
1.5 cups water
Salt to taste

Procedure :
Mix the chili sauce, fish masala, water and salt in a bowl.  Place the Pangasius white fillet in a pan and pour the other ingredients on top of it.  Cook it on low flame until the sauce becomes paste like. 

That’s it, you now have Pangasius in Fish Masala!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Funny experience in buying Abaya

          All women here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wear Abaya.  It is the cultural dress or folk costume for many countries of the Arabian Peninsula such as Saudi Arabia.  Abaya’s are long loose black dress that covers the whole body except the hands, feet and face.  It is paired with a veil that covers the whole face except the eyes.
         When I got here in KSA, I only have one Abaya with me which I bought from an Indonesian boutique back in the Philippines.  I am not a Muslim and I don’t wear Abaya back in my home country.  Since wearing an Abaya is a requirement for women here especially when going out, so I thought of buying another one as substitute for the used one.
        While my husband and I were at a mall in Al Khobar,  we went to the ladies section and started looking for an Abaya.  I got peeved as all Abaya’s were too big for me, even the smallest size in the ladies section were still big for me.  Hubby suggested we go to the children’s section and look for one in there that might fit me.  I thought he must be joking but when I finally found an Abaya that perfectly fits me at the children’s section, it made me laugh.          

Saturday, June 25, 2011

How humidity affected my choice of skin care products

I have been having problems with my skin particularly in the face since my adolescent period.  It is too oily and very prone to outbreaks.  I tried many products recommended by friends, some from the commercials on television I saw and others from a dermatologist.  Still my problem was not solved, I still get a lot of outbreaks and my skin got darker and duller each day.  I would often to go to a facial care center twice a month for cleaning enduring all the pain as they prick every pimple on my face.  It was in the middle of year 2009 when my sister visits me at home.  We have the same skin type and we used to have the same problem with outbreaks on our face.  I was surprised to see her face so radiantly smooth, outbreak free, younger looking and pinkish white skin.  She told me about her secret and suggested that I use that set of local beauty product she is using.  At first I was hesitant because it is cheap and not as popular as the other brands I have tried but still I went on trying it to see how it will work on me.  I tried the whole set as advised.  After a month of usage, my skin got better.  My friends and officemates have noticed the improvement.  They too have tried using the same product and were grateful with the result.  The product took away the excess moisture of the skin leaving it oil free and pimple free.  Its gentle exfoliation took away the dead skin cells for a younger and fairer skin.  I have been using it exclusively and religiously for two years because I was satisfied and happy with the result. 
On the second quarter of 2011, I went to Saudi Arabia to visit my husband.  The climate here is hot with low humidity causing my skin to dry.  The beauty products I use no longer gave me a satisfactory result.  My skin went dry, rashes emerged and I felt a stinging sensation every time I use the product.  I thought maybe the product is good only for tropical countries like the Philippines with high humidity.  I stopped using it and tried products with intensive moisturizers instead.  My skin got better now.  Its effect on my skin is noticeable.  The moisture was restored even with very low humidity.  Now I will not have to worry about my skin anymore.  Thanks to my moisturizer!